Facebook Ads for Bloggers

Ads Manager, Creative, Ad Set, Pixel, Lookalike Audience, Campaign Budget Optimization…

It’s enough to make you think Facebook Ads aren’t worth it! 

But with 2.45 billion people on Facebook, the truth is that Facebook Ads are the fastest and cheapest way to grow awareness for your brand or blog, attract new email subscribers, or a redirect warm audience to your product. 

I’ve successfully ran conversion campaigns at $.60 cost per click and like campaigns for just $2.00 per day.  While you don’t have to necessarily have a huge budget for Facebook Ads to be successful, you do need patience and you need to set up your ad correctly. 

If Facebook Ads is more thing you’d rather not mess with, I can manage your Facebook Ad from beginning to end. 

Facebook Ad Services for Bloggers 

  • Set up and manage your ad campaign, including testing and optimizing
  • Run ad on Instagram if budget allows
  • Create ad copy (with your help) and ad creative
  • Set up custom audiences
  • Set up your Facebook pixel
  • Provide report summarizing which ads, audiences, and images worked best 
Contact me here to book a call for your Facebook Ad Strategy. I’ll respond within 24 hours.