Podcast Production

Do you want to start a podcast, but you’re intimidated by all the tech? 

While it’s true that some podcasters record their show in a studio with a whole team (Brené Brown), there’s also some big names that started their podcasts on their iPhone with zero costs (Rachel Hollis)! 

Here’s the bottom line: Anyone can start a podcast. You don’t need fancy equipment or guests. You have a message; you can have a podcast. 

A podcast is a great way to expand your reach and grow your audience.

When I started my Podcast, Grace for Single Parents, I simply read my blog posts. That’s it. And my audience grew!

Do It Yourself Podcasting

If you want to DIY your podcast, I suggest you start with this course. It will walk you through each step. 

One change I would make: use Anchor.fm as your host – it’s free! 

It’s the course I took to learn how to podcast and I was up and running within a day!

Help Me with My Podcast Production!

  • Do you want to simply record your interviews and have someone turn it into a Podcast? 
  • Maybe you have a bunch of Facebook Live videos you’ve saved that you want to turn into a Podcast? 
  • Do you want to read your blog posts and turn them into a Podcast like I did? 
  • Perhaps you already have your Podcast complete but now you want show notes for all of your episodes and accompanying transcripts so you can post them on a blog optimized for SEO like this and this
I specialize in helping solo-entrepreneurs and bloggers bring their message to Podcasts. Wherever you are in your process, from just starting out to the messy middle, I can help you. 
Because each podcast differs in length and each Podcaster has different preferences (some want show notes, some want extensive editing, some not at all, some require ad placements, intro and outro templates, etc.), I prefer to work on an hourly basis. This also gives you the flexibility of trying out my services for a short time and if you aren’t satisfied, you aren’t locked in. 
Fill out the Contact Form here and tell me what you hope to accomplish with your podcast and we will set up a short call to discuss a plan of action and get started. 


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